Anwer Habib Dhanani

Chief Executive Officer

Anwer Habib Dhanani, an Electronic Engineer who founded AM Sales & Services in the year 1987 as a small company dealing in refurbished medical equipment. AMSS now serves physicians, therapists, hematologists, histopathologists, medical laboratories, Hospitals, medical institutions, clinicians, medical research projects and patients countrywide with their dedicated, dutiful and efficient engineering and sales teams countrywide. Anwer Dhanani has over 23 years in the medical industry including working for medical manufacturers, independent service organizations, and hospital clinical engineering departments. His technical and management experience gives him a broad understanding of his customer’s needs. His strength lies in his uncompromising policy on providing qualitative services to its customers.

Mr Dhanani is committed to the noble cause of providing services to patients of critical care with a vision to leverage technology to solve bio-medical and diagnostic issues in the hospitals and laboratories. Mr Dhanani being himself an electronic Engineer has contributed a large amount of time and investment to grow and develop in the biomedical field to serve the entire industry and trade. 

Under his dynamic leadership, AMSS has emerged as one of the leading companies in its business space. He has been responsible for the company’s success in the fiercely competitive market of Pakistan. His astuteness and strategy has been the pillar of AMSS success.

Mr Dhanani is a widely known professional in the bio-medical & diagnostic field of business in Pakistan & abroad and a frequent visitor of national and international conferences seminars, conventions and symposiums.