Muhammad Shabbir

Director Marketing

M. Shabbir is presently working as the Director Marketing in AMSS. He had graduated in 1986 and later earned his diploma certificate in Medical Technologies from Karachi University and Jinnah PostGraduate Medical Centre respectively.

He is also engaged with “The Laboratory” as Biochemist since 1987 to date and counting beside in 1987 he also joined “S.Ejazudin & Co.” as a Technical and Sales Executive and worked there till 1991. 

Later he became the part of Meditec Instrument Co. in 1991 and worked as a G.M. Marketing till 2011. With his hard work and his complete dedication towards this Diagnostics Field he has a well known reputation in market as he was the first one who introduced MEDICA-USA and MINDRAY-CHINA from the platform of Meditec Instrument Co. 

With his eagerness to learn and progress he has gained the training in following highly marked areas:

Appliation and product training on fully automated Hematology analyzer, China.

Application and product training in fully automated Chemistry analyzer, China.

Received Application and Sales Training certificate from MEDICA-USA, Turkey.