Our Partners

Proud to be the Partners to World leaders in biomedical and diagnostic equipment technology. AMSS is an exclusive partner of the world leading companies in biomedical and diagnostic solutions. The company is responsible for the promotion and distribution of Biomedical Equipments and its reagents, consumables in Pakistan.



World leader in Biosensor Technology

Nova Biomedical is the world technology leader in the development of fast whole blood analyzers to support the care of critically ill patients. Compared to any competitive alternative, Nova analyzers have the most extensive stat test menus and deliver these tests in the shortest time at the lowest costs. In addition Nova provides point of care, hand held meter and strip based systems for glucose, ketone, lactate and creatinine testing. Whether testing is performed in the central laboratory, emergency department, surgery, critical care, or respiratory care, Nova can help improve patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care.



At the Heart of Haemostasis

Stago was a pharmaceutical laboratory, founded in 1945, which now operates in the In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) industry, wholly dedicated to the exploration of haemostasis and thrombosis From Research & Development and Production to Logistics, Marketing, Sales and International Distribution, Stago remains in control of its strategy at all levels. Certified ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 (2008), the group’s industrial activities are mostly concentrated in France. Its geographical expansion has now led to opening R&D and production centers in the USA, Netherlands, Germany and Ireland. Its investment in R&D exceeds IVD sector’s standards.



Fighting Disease with Electronics

Nihon Kohden is Japan's leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of medical electronic equipment with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe and Asia and distributors in nearly every country in the world.

Major product lines include patient monitors, electroencephalographs, evoked potential and electromyograph systems, electrocardiographs, defibrillators, and hematology analyzers. Nihon Kohden equipment is well known for its quality and ease of use.

Nihon Kohden actively contributes to the advance of medical technology. Nihon Kohden researchers have published valuable research in some of the world's most prestigious medical, engineering and scientific journals. Nihon Kohden has significantly contributed to the advancement of modern medical treatment with many innovative products and technologies. Pulse oximetry, the technology to noninvasive measure oxygen in the blood, was invented by Dr. Takuo Aoyagi, a Nihon Kohden scientist.

Founded in 1951, our mission is to improve the quality of life through advanced medical technology. In this respect, Stago regularly organizes symposiums or scientific meetings on Haemostasis research and latest practices, during conferences or as separate events.



The Art of Medical Diagnostics

77 Elektronika Kft. is a Hungarian private company developing and manufacturing in vitro diagnostic medical devices, mainly urine analyzers, blood glucose meters and their consumables. These products are supplied all over the world under 77 Elektronika’s own brand name, as well as OEM and ODM products for market-leading multinational companies in the field of medical diagnostics. The company holds ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 certifications, while all its products are CE-marked under Directive 98/79/EC (IVD).


The range of urine analyzers developed by 77 Elektronika includes urine chemistry and urine sediment analyzers. Urine chemistry analyzers are dry chemistry strip readers based on reflectance photometry, while the operational principle of urine sediment analyzers is a world novelty relying on the automation of traditional manual microscopy and advanced image processing. In terms of size, urine analyzers can be small, easy-to-use devices, high throughput, semi-automated analyzers and fully automated instruments.

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